Media and Public Lectures

  1. Opinion pieces
    1. Perry, Samuel L. and Eric L. McDaniel “Why ‘Woke’ Is A Convenient Republican Dog Whistle.” Time (January 2023)
    2. McDaniel, Eric L. “Talk of ‘Christian nationalism’ is getting a lot louder – but what does the term really mean?” (November 2022)
    3. McDaniel, Eric L. “For Richer or Poorer: Prosperity Gospel Misleads on Needs.” Newsweek (September 2022)
    4. McDaniel, Eric L. “Perceptions of Threat to White Masculinity and COVID-19 in Texas” The Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin (September 2020)
    5. McDaniel, Eric L. “The Republican convention was an altar call at the Church of White Masculinity” Salon (September 2020)
    6. McDaniel, Eric L. “Why Are People Dying to Go to Church?” Sojourners (June 2020).
    7. McDaniel, Eric L. “Lt. Gov. Patrick, which God should we turn to?” Austin American Statesman (June 2020)
    8. McDaniel, Eric L. “Myths about Martin Luther King Jr. damage and diminish his legacy” Salon (January 2020)
    9. McDaniel, Eric L. and Maraam A. Dwidar “Understanding the future of Black politics means understanding the future of the Black church” London School of Economics US Centre (April 2019)
    10. McDaniel, Eric L. “The Theology of American Exceptionalism” US Election Analysis 2016: Media, Voters and the Campaign Early reflections from leading academics Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community, Bournemouth University (November 2016)
    11. McDaniel, Eric L. “Religious Feelings Could Sway the Vote in the 2016 Election” The Conversation (October 2016)
    12. McDaniel, Eric L. “Religious ideologies should not be used as a campaign tool.” Austin American Statesman (August 2016)
    13. McDaniel, Eric L. “The Black Church must Stand, Confront its Internal Attackers.” Fort Worth Star Telegram (July 2015)
  2. Media Appearances
    • The Wheelhouse, Connecticut Public Radio, April 29, 2023
    • Findings from the 12th Annual American Values Survey Brookings Webinar, Panelist November 2021
    • Minnesota Public Radio News, November 2020
    • India Today, November 2020
    • Texas U.S. Senate Debate KXAN, October 2020
    • Spectrum News February, October, & November 2020
    • The Wake Up Call with Kenneth Thompson, September 2019 & October 2020
    • The American Ingredient Podcast, 2018-present
    • KTBC Fox 7 Good Day Austin, July 2012
    • Commentary on Health Care Reform, April 2010
    • In Black America, September 2008
    • News 8 Austin Texas Primary Coverage, March 2008
  3. Invited Talks
    • McConnell Center, University of Louisville
    • Yale University Sociology, October 2022
    • University of Indiana Bloomington O’Neill School, September 2022
    • University of Michigan Ann Arbor Political Science, March 2022
    • University of California San Diego American Politics Workshop, January 2019
    • Collin College, “African American History Month”, February 2018
    • University of Notre Dame Department of Government, November 2017
    • Texas Department of State Health Services Community Health Services Section “Addressing Disparities: Maximizing Access to Health Care”, August 2015
    • Texas A&M University, Project for Equity, Representation and Governance, April 2015
    • Texas Department of State Health Services, African American Heritage Committee, February 2015
    • Stanford University, Department of Political Science, May 2014
    • Washington University St. Louis Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program, September 2011
    • Princeton University Luce Speaker Series, April 2010, 2011
    • Presentation for the Third Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, April 2010
    •  Stanford University American Politics Worship, May 2010
    • Claremont Graduate University, April 2009
    • Austin Area Interreligious Ministries Panel on Race, Religion, and the Election, May 2008
    • Address to the Eight Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, May 2008
    • Religious Communicators Council, May 2008